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(list sorted by Land/Bandname)

Amethyst - Outside of Nowhere 12inch
Antisistema – Exploring the Stars LP
Arachnid - Same Demo
Arbitrater – Darkened Reality CD
Area Disaster – Walhalla CD
Atlantean Kodex - A Prophet in the Forest 12inch
Atlantean Kodex - Annihilation of Königshofen LP
Axe Hero - Brainstorm LP
Banshee – Breakdown/I am the light 7inch
Belcebu - En Vivo LP
Black Reign - Legion Demo
Blackslash - EP MCD
Crystal Phoenix - Myriam LP
Deathless - Lord Protector CD
Disciple – I Wanna See ‘Em There/Foot on the Cross 7inch
Double Deuce - Soldier In The Sun 12inch
Dross - The Oracle Demo
Far East - Ripper Slasher 7inch
Fatal Sacrifice - Witch Hunt 7inch
Flames of Hell - Fire and Steel LP
Guerreros Del Metal – Same LP
Hades - Entre Fuego Y La Cruz MLP
Happl - Never gonna Stop LP
Headstone - Burning Ambition LP Testpress
Holocaust - Slay that Dragon 12inch
Iron Faith - Life in Dreams/Damned Nation 7inch
Jag Panzer - Ample Destruction LP RED VINYL
Jamie Lee Saint - Same MLP
Kaos – Total Chaos LP
Krimson Kross - Dogs of War/God Bless The Damned 7inch
Lady Prowler - The Way To Guillotine CD
Legija - Postoji Samo Jedan CD
Lezion – Crippling Elements CD
Liquid Earth - Molten Rock 12inch
Maltractor - Heavy Metal is my Drug 7inch
Massakist – Of All That is Seen Demo
Mein Kampf - Speeder 7inch
Messiah - Going Insane LP
Metalmorphose – Correntes 12inch
Nevrotic Sisma – Danger 7inch
Paragon - Same MLP
Pontius Prophet - Rites Of Hatred Demo
Powerlord - Evil Dead Demo
Prisoner - No Exit LP
Random – Knocking On Doors/Stars Won’t freeze 7inch
Ritual - Widow LP
Rude Awakening - Bound for Glory LP
Rusty Blade – Awas LP
Sampler - Europe's Best Metal LP
Sampler - German Metal Fighters I LP
Sampler - Metalstorm LP
Sampler - Solid Citizens Tape
Sanctum - Believers MCD
Scarlet Bride - Same Demo
Sleazer - Wanted 7inch
Solstice - To Sol A Thane 12inch
Stormbringer - As Darkness Reigns CD
Stormbringer - Same MCD S
tormbringer - Stealer of Souls Demo
String Eyes - Nightmare Over you 7inch
Subterraneo - Toledo LP
Sweet Revenge - In the End/Hawks of Cairo 7inch
Tales Untold - Same LP
The Immortal - Autumn Rain Demo
The Immortal - Awaken The Lion Demo
Thynn Ice - Same LP
Törr - Kladivo Na Carodejnice LP
Turbo - A Glimbse Of Home CD
Tyton - 3-song-Demo Demotape
Warzwolf - Valley of the Shadows LP
Waxwing - Appetizer Demotape
Whetstone - Ancient Metal Demo
Widow - Same LP
Wulff Angel - The Legend of.. Demo
Wyzard - Future Knights 12inch
Zynom - Crying Alone/Sato Woman 7inch