DEADLY BLESSING: "Ascend from the Cauldron" LP
New Renaissance 1988

Ski - vocals
Tom Bach - lead guitar
Nick Mitchell - bass
Tony Kerr - lead guitar
Wayne Kellie - drums

Search and Destroy
Salem's Lot
Escape the Wrath
Cry of Medusa
Deliver us from Evil
Silent Madness
Deadly Blessing

A very magicalrecord, and the best among many great comparable releases on "New Renaissance". Better than GARGOYLE, AMULANCE, CEREBUS, OLIVER MAGNUM, PROWLER, SAVAGE STEEL, SCREAMER and so on. I will not sing one more elegy here, about underrated cult-bands. Most of you will know these godz anyway so I can keep it short this time: Ski has a totally unique voice, he sings higher than Rob Thorne (SACRED OATH) or Far Cry (LORDS OF THE CRIMSON ALLIANCE) and he also is better, one of my alltime favorite vocal-artists in metal! The guitar-work is also outstanding, the songwriting is just perfect: Kuts as the unbelievable >Deliver us from Evil< (no WARLORD Cover of course), the melodic power metal hymn >Cry of Medusa<, the emotional and tranquil >Escape the Wrath< or >Deadly Blessing<, a great true metal track with a chilling middle-part ("...just close your eyes - and GET INTO THE METAL...") will stay as eternal monoliths of US Power/Melodic Speed Metal in the endless lowlands of STRATOVARIOUS-, POWERGOD- or METALIUM- (bäh) contamined irrelevance. If you like some of the mentioned bands it is okay of course. It's nice metal music that you also can give to your little sister for birthday if the new BRITNEY SPEARS is sold out again.
But if you want to know what metal really is about, check out DEADLY BLESSING and you will understand...