Blessed Event Music 1990

Tony Sgro - guitar
Tom Umba - guitar
Larry Betson - vocals
Dan Pettolina - drums
Mark Vincent - bass

Good as dead
Psycho Drama
Solitary Confinement
Burial Dream...Requiem

DEADLY BLESSING released a legendary cult-record with "Ascend from the cauldron" that everyone reading this will know. After this highest recommended Melodic Speed/Power Metal milestone they had problems with the label New Renaissance Records for two years, released one more demo and finally lost the frustrated SKI, Nick Mitchell and Wayne Kellie from the original line-up.
With a complete new line-up (look above) they released the "Psycho Drama" demo in 1990. And everything has changed: The new style of DEADLY BLESSING was much harder, Speed Metal, and also more progressive than in the past. The vocals of Larry Betson are powerful and good, I really like it! The sound is clear and powerful, and it is sad that they did not get the chance of releasing another record. The songs are good, above all the fast >Solitary Confinement< and the varied >Burial Dream...Requiem< with it's slow beginning and great melodies. But all in all the songs did never reach the incredible high level of "Ascend..." again.
"Psycho Drama" was released as a bootleg CD by Reborn Classics together with TRAUMAs "Scratch and scream", so if you're lucky maybe you can still get it!