Force Music 1984

Scot Tomaras - drums
Brian Lee - guitar
Doug Trevison - vocals
Chip Jurkovac - bass

High Treason
Born to avenge
Salem's Curse
Bury the Knife
Final Conflict

Great US Power from true Defenders of Metal!!! The sound on this tape is good, the songwriting is unbelievable! One of the stongest demos I ever heard!! After receiving this demo from a friend outta belgium (Hail Benoit!) I could find out that ENFORCER got together in 1982, after some members played in coverbands before. The Demo is from 1984, but sounds like 86! They were hailing from Illinois and had one track (>High Treason<) on the "Iron Tyrants Vol. 1" compilation which was released by World Metal Records (Iron Works sublabel) in 1984.
It's curious, but the opener of the demo and sampler-track >High Treason< is the weakest song on the tape! It's typical US Metal with nice guitars and powerful high vocals, good but not really outstanding.
The second track on the tape is faster, US Power Metal in perfection! It has the title >Born to avenge< and is not mentioned on the cover (at least on my copy). Like >Bury the Knife< it has been written later and shows the bands new direction to an even more powerful style, comparable to LEATHER NUNN or early SAVATAGE and reaching the same class!! The following >Salem's Curse< begins with touching accoustic guitars, before it changes to a US Power Metal smasher par excellance! The vocals on this tape remind me on Harry "The Tyrant" of JAG PANZER! Concluding "Final Conflict" is a slower track, making clear the whole width of the tragedy: ENFORCER would have been good for the hell of a real CLASSIC if given the chance of releasing a full album... I shed a tear and close this chapter.
(Thanks for additional informations to Beamish! 01.11.02)