ICED EARTH: "Enter the Realm"
Iced Life Music 1989

Jon Schaffer - rhythm guitar, backing vocals
Greg Seymour - drums
Gene Adams - vocals
Dave Abell - bass
Randy Shawver - lead guitar


Enter the Realm
To Curse the Sky
Iced Earth

The US Power Metal godz demo-tape is a real classic! Very good sound-quality, full colored cover, all lyrics in the booklet, printing on the tape, very professional. No wonder it lead to a record-deal with Century Media.
What makes the "Enter the Realm" demo mostly interesting are the unreleased songs: >Enter the realm< is just an intro, nothing missed if you don't know it. But the third track >Nightmares< is a great song that fits perfectly to the other tracks on the tape! The song alone is worth searching for the demo-tape! The other tracks have been rerecorded for the debut-LP, here are the rough original versions, but there are not too much differences to the final (vinyl) versions. But in every way this tape is highly recommended for ICED EARTH fans, a real collector's gem!