MAELSTROM: "This battle to make history..." Demo
Private 1991

Joe Lodespoto - rhythm, acoustic & lead guitar
Gary Vosganian - lead & backing vocals
Jon Modell - bass
John Koltai - drums & percussion

As time passed (Intro)
A Futile Crusade
Lament of the Fallen
That which followed
The Mirror calls

Hailing from West Hempstead, New York, MAELSTROM played a great blend of Speed/Thrash Metal. Long and very complex tracks with a great fantasy concept story (the story is not complete - some tracks have never been recorded - what a loss!), a cover in the tradition of OMENs "Battle Cry" and powerful agressive yet melodic vocals that remind on Martin Walkyier in his early days with a touch of KREATORs Mille (also: early days). These ingredients work very well, and garnished with great guitar work and an excellent sound there comes out one of my favorite demos of all time! Lyrics are included, the booklet can be fold out to see the whole cover. They put a lot of sweat and blood into this tape. It is unbelievable that MAELSTROM never had the opportunity of releasing a full album, I promise it would have been a classic Thrash Metal feast!!!
Every time I hear "This battle to make history - yet history never comes" I feel a great sadness that MAELSTROM never gained any success for their great work... They rule forever!
After "This Battle..." the band had written many other songs that never were recorded. It was planned to do a concept over 3 (!) albums, some songtitles are >To sea your fate<, >Temptations<, >Tempest Tossed< and >Lightfall<. Shit, I would die to hear these tracks... !!!
After the second demo some new guys entered the band, driving it into a direction between WATCHTOWER / MR. BUNGLE. Gary Vosganian, the singer, left the band and the other guys carried on under the name SPOOGE.