Demos are usually a band's first step into the spotlight. How else should a band get the attention of a label and a record deal? The differences in quality are tremendous, I do not envy any PR-Agent who has to listen to mountains of demo-tapes day in day out. But within the average or lower releases, there also hide a few classics! Some of the bands later on were able to get the chance of releasing an official album, some disappeared unnoticed in the dust of ages. In this section we want to tell you about some cult demo tapes that are too good to remain unknown! We will not include Demo-CDs or CD-Rs herein, only original demo-cassettes are featured. It will not be easy to get any of these today, most are released in a quantity of maybe 300-500 pcs. or even less. And most are from bands gone for years... or the other way around: The band became known and famous, logical many people searched for their early demos, so that they were all either gone or appropriately expensive, when found. If you are brave enough to start searching for some: happy hunting!

Deadly Blessing
Iced Earth