ATOM H, German Label focused on Thrash Metal. Since the label is no more since more than a decade, most releases are hard to find today. And much sought after by collectors, therefore mostly very expensive.

Atom H 001 Protector Misanthropy LP 1987
Atom H 002 Rumble Militia Fuck off commercial LP 1987
Atom H 003 Accuser The conviction LP 1987
Atom H 004 Forced Entry Forced Entry LP 1987
Atom H 005 Rumble Militia El Nombre Del Ley (Mini) 1988
Atom H 006 Accuser Experimental Errors (Mini, clear vinyl) 1988
Atom H 007 Protector Golem LP/CD 1989
Atom H 008 Accuser Who dominates who LP/CD 1989
Atom H 009 Shah Beware LP/CD (License pressing) 1989
Atom H 010 Protector Urm the Mad LP/CD 1989
Atom H 011 STS 8 Mission The Mystery of Time LP/CD ????
Atom H 012 Protector Leviathans Desire MLP/CD (CD w/bonus) ????
Atom H 013 --- *never released*  
Atom H 014 Accuser Double Talk LP/CD 1991

*Many thanks go out to Jose Luis Cano , Pavel Polischouk & Niclas from Stormbringer Prod./Sweden for this listing!!