BLACK DRAGON (+ sublabel HIGH DRAGON), one of the leading European Real Metal Labels of the 80ies, they brought us classics as MANILLA ROAD, SAVAGE GRACE, LIEGE LORD, EXXPLORER and a lot more!! Maybe 10 years ago I wrote to the label asking for the lyrics of the great MANILLA ROAD "Roadkill (Live)" LP. I did not really expect to get an answer, but a few days later I got a letter from BLACK DRAGON with copies of ALL lyrics and a very nice letter! Great support - BLACK DRAGON will always be remembered as fan-friendly and in first row musically more than interesting label. Hail !!!

BD001 Savage Grace Master of Disguise
BD002 Manilla Road Open the Gates
BD003 Exxplorer Symphonies of Steel
BD004 Liege Lord Freedom's Rise
BD005 Steel Vengeance Call of the Dogs
BD006 Castle Black Babes in Toyland
BD007 Chastains C.J.S.S. World Gone Mad
BD008 Heir Apparent Graceful Inheritance
BD009 D.C.Lacroix Crack of Doom
BD010 Manilla Road The Deluge
HD011 Kooga Across the Water
BD012 Savage Grace After the Fall from Grace
BD013 Candlemass Epicus Doomicus Metallicus
BD014 Ded Engine Hot Shot
BD015 Sacred Blade Of the Sun & Moon
BD016 Chastain's C.J.S.S. Praise the Loud
BD017 Steel Vengeance Second Offense
BD018 Manilla Road Crystal Logic (on blue vinyl only)
BD019 Anthem Tightrope
HD020 Caslte Black Another dark Carnival
HD021 Cherry Bombz Coming Down Slow
HD022 Peer Günt Backseat
BD023 Mace The Evil in Good
BD024 Manilla Road Mystification
BD025 Chastain The 7th of Never
HD026 Smack Live Desire
BD027 Mayhem Burned Alive
BD028 Steel Vengeance Prisoners
BD029 Chastain Instrumental Variations
HD030 Peer Günt Good Girls don't...
HD031 James Young Out on a Day Pass
HD032 April 16th Sleepwalking
BD033 Manilla Road Roadkill (live)
BD034 Sacred Child Sacred Child
BD035 Flames Summon the Dead
BD036 Lars Eric Mattson Eternity
BD037 Manilla Road Out of the Abyss
BD038 Druid Vampire Cult
HD039 Peer Günt Fire Wire
BD040 Steel Vengeance Never lettin' go
BD041 Lars Eric Mattson Surrender


St. Elmos Fire Powerdrive
HD043 Peer Günt Years of the Road
BD044 Chastain Retrospect
BD045 Manilla Road Courts of Chaos
BD046 Dofka Toxik Wasteland
HD047 Peer Günt Don't mess with the Countryboys
BD048 Steel Vengeance Live among the Dead
BD049 Chastain Elegant Seduction
BD050 Lars Eric Mattson Electric Voodoo
BD051 Michael Harris Defense Mechanizms
BD052 Metal Without Mercy Volume One (Sampler)
BD053 Manilla Road Circus Maximus
BD054 Chastain/Michael Harris Counterpoint-live, Wild & Trully Diminished
BD055 St. Elmos Fire Desperate Years
BD056 Excruciation Pain Thou Shall Choose

*Many thanks go out to JACQUES BURGAUD for this listing! Thanks!!