IRON WORKS (+ sublabels: Azra Records/Metal Storm/World Metal/Masque/Rockhaus/Trans-Euro etc.), the name alone sends shivers down the spine of every US Metal collector/maniac. I don't need many words here, I think you all know that Dave Richards (a great but little chaotic guy as rumors say) released tons of LPs, Pics, Shapes and special editions, guess that noone knows exactly what and how many editions of each record has been brought out by Dave, not even himself, ha ha. The next step to total confusion was made by founding a lot of small sublabels as World Metal Records (WMR), Masque, Azra (A) and so on...
Many releases have been limited to mega-small quantities [2 (!) copies of "Diver" Shape by JAG PANZER, as a brutal example] so for collector's this is a case of heaven and hell: Heaven because you can always find new IRON WORKS releases, although they are really expensive today. Hell 'cos you'll always hear of other items that you didn't even know until than so it is impossible to ever complete your IRON WORKS collection!
The quality of Dave's releases varies from boring to godly stuff, I still kneel before MONSTERs as JAG PANZER, LIEGE LORD, STORMTROOPER or RUTHLESS.
I love IRON WORKS and I am always interested in more informations. So when your girlfriend is wiping the dust (if there is any) from your metal-collection the next time: Tell her to remember FORGOTTEN STEEL and pull out all IRON WORKS/AZRA records you call your own and send all necessary informations in to me. Thanx! Nuff said.

IW=Iron Works, A=Azra, WMR=World Metal Records, MSQ=Masque, RR=Rockhaus, TE=Trans-Euro
A - 36 - 2 ??? Shaped PicDisc "Diamond" Shaped PicDisc, has the Info "Emerald Entertainment Group" on it
MS 3B Assylum 3B Assylum MCD
IW 1040 Acid Face Splooge Shape "Square" Shaped PicDisc
IW 1046 Acid Face Addiction Shape
IW 1025 Ampage School of Hard Knox/D-Day Shape
Azra Ampage School of Hard Knox LP 1987 Glam/Pop also on colored vinyl & as a test-press. as completely white PicDisc with black edges and white labels.
IW 1026 Ampage Champaign & Cavier LP 1988 also on PD
A 8505 Anaconda Silent Rage Pic-EP 1987 US Metal w/insert, 2 different versions
A 1086 Angeles Give it up LP 1986
IW 1009 Armed Force Heavy Artillery LP 1986 US Metal w/lyrics
Azra Axemaster Warrior/Crusader 7" 1987 Power limited edition 100 pcs. on color-shape!
A 34 Axemaster The Vision Shape 198? Power Side A with black Armageddon scene on a white background, while the B side is black with a red label, advance pressing, promotional copy, probably same tracks "Warrior" Single (>Warrior< in a live-version)
A 33 Axemaster Blessing in the skies LP 1988 Power
Axemaster/Mars Underground metal Sampler Shape 198? Power/US Metal Hexagon-shape split-EP (same 2 songs on both sides), no label or index info! (label says "Condor Classix (c)(p) 1987 - Test pressing not for sale". Comes in brown stamped neutral paper sleave)
IW Black Box, The Black Box Shape
IW Black Ice Heavy Metal Warriors EP
IW 1017 Black Ice Hot 'n' Heavy EP 1987 also on octagon Shape 7"
IW Broken Man Absolution EP 1991 grey vinyl
IW 1042 Broken Man The Truth 12" on colored vinyl, greymarbled vinyl?, vinyl with etched autographs
IW Broken Man When all else fails 7" 1992 octagon shape, cop shape, maybe more
IW Brooklyn Brats We live to Rock MLP 1984 Hard Rock 5 tracks
IW 1002 Brooklyn Brats Same EP 1985 Hard Rock also (only?) on Pic-EP, same tracks on both sides
IW 1050 Canned Meat Can limited to 100 numbered copies, incl. INTRUDER-Cover Up Shape ("Square"), BROKEN MAN-The Truth 12" (greymarbled vinyl), STORMTROOPER-Armies of the Night (PicDisc), SAMPLER-Metal that Matters (PicDisc), RIPPER-Dead Shall Rise (PicDisc), LUV HUNTER-Luv Hunter CD & a booklet!
S67 Cassle Midnight Fantasy 7" 1983 H.M. Octagon Shape (Spider), 1-sided
Azra 61549 Centaurus Same LP 1978 Power/Priest/some Deep Purple On Pic-LP (w/cover) 1.000 copies
and clear vinyl 2.000 copies
A 2086 Cold September Looking up at them at me LP
IW 1060 Comatose From green to Black Brutal Thrash Custom-shaped 1-sided EP (black/yellow logo on pic-side)
IW 1028 Commander The High 'n' Mighty 1987 Power Metal w/lyrics, also on limited PD (25 copies said to exist), also on promo-"PD" (round cover-cut pasted on vinyl - shitty item!!!)
Azra Conjuration 3 song 7" 1989 Brutal Death/Thrash purple vinyl w/Picture Sleeve, limited to 150 copies, also released on white vinyl (no label or index info)
Azra Conjuration 3 song 7" Pic 1989 Brutal Death/Thrash only 25 pressed but never issued or released!
MSQ 8701 Dangerous Friends Same PicDisc MS PicDisc only release
MS 8501 Dark Angel We have arrived LP 1984 Thrash Metal Second pres. on Axekiller w/logo-only cover "Graveyard cover", also on PD (lim. ed. 500 pcs.), red vinyl, green vinyl, clear vinyl?, dif. Shapes
MS 8602 Dark Angel Merciless Death Shape 1985 Thrash Metal "Torture Wheel" Cover, European Version, also US Version, also on Shape,
Azra Dark Angel Welcome to the Slaughterhouse Shape 1985 Thrash Metal
Azra Dark Angel Merciless Death/We have arrived 7" 1987 Thrash Metal 10+ (!) ? dif. shapes
Azra Dark Angel We have arrived/Welcome to the Slaughterhouse 7" 1988 Thrash Metal also on Shape (Graveyard)
AZ/CL 0009 Decadenza Frolicking in the Autumn Mist Shape co-released with cellar records, on black and white vinyl
IW 1014 Devastation Run Same EP 1987 Hard Rock
MS 8615 Dissension Why work for death LP also on green vinyl (100 copies), and red vinyl (250 copies), also out on Picture LP
MS 8815 Dissension We the fooled LP 1988 only out on Picture LP 500 copies, pressed prior to release of trad. LP for inclusion in the MetalStrom Can
MS 8615 Dissension Telling Me Shape
A 615 Dizzy Bitch In the Pink EP 1986 Glam also on FIJI records, also on pink vinyl
Iron Works Elessar Defy the King MLP 1984 Power/NwobHM
/some Prog
reissue of '84
A36 Emerald Entertainment Group Instrumental LP ? Hard Rock
S 1000 Envasion, The Son of Surf LP Pic LP only ??? Co-released with SOIF Records?
A 26 Final Assaut Messenger of God Shape
A 29 Fortress Same LP 1987
IW 1019 Fox Holland Do you Know Shape 1987 Hard Rock 2 x shape (1: bandshape; 2: bandshape cut), only 1 track
IW 1041 Frost Bite Devils Dandruff Shaped PicDisc
IW Frost Bite Devils Dandruff CD
Azra Funeral Same MLP 1981
A 7886 Gallow's Pole Same LP 1987 HR/Power PD only, recorded 1982, may be a '82 priv. press of it titled "In Rock we Trust"
RR RA Graven Image People in Hell... EP 1984 Power Metal 2 tracks, megarare!!! (500$ +) / Different singer and recordings than on Pic-EP!
RR PD 1 Graven Image Same Pic-EP 1987 US Metal
R2R The Greg Leon Invasion Same LP 1983 pop/ms/2 metal songs Greg is ex-Sweet 19,Dokken('78.'79),and Quiet Riot(1st gtrst after Randy), also on PD
IW 1021 Hans Naughty Paint the town red LP 1987 Glam Metal
IW 1022 Hans Naughty Tears in the Night Shape 1987 Glam Metal Metal-Cowboy Shape
IW 1023 Intruder Live to Die LP 1987 Power/Speed also on Pic-LP

IW 1024

Intruder Cover Up Shape 1987 Power/Speed promo (only?), square "Radio Stations" Shape, also on "Octagonshape", "Sawbladeshape" and on "Wobbly-curvey-shapeless-puddle-?-shape"
IW 1024 Intruder Cover Up Shape Uncut 1987 Power/Speed "Monster" Shape UNCUT
IW Intruder Cold Blooded Killer Shape "Star"Shaped 7"PicDisc
Azra Invasion Born to Die LP 1984 (ex-The Greg Leon Invasion) Title trk is 1 of the 2 metal songs on 1st LP so may be heavier LP
Azra 007 Jag Panzer Deathrow Shape 1983 Power Metal Square Shape w/"Tentacle-Monster" Cover, also has "Torture"shape, Diver shape (2 copies worldwide!!!) and 3 others.Total of 6 +gravestone dbl.
Azra 007 Jag Panzer Deathrow/Battlezones 7" 1983 Power Metal also on Shape and PD.
Azra 007 Jag Panzer Deathrow 7" 1983 Power Metal 1-sided test press only! 1 song
Azra 007 Jag Panzer Deathrow Shape 1983 Power Metal 1-sided test press only! Heart-shaped on black vinyl.
Azra 007 Jag Panzer Deathrow Double-Shape 1983 Power Metal Gravestone double-shape w/"Bandpics"
Azra 010 Jag Panzer Tyrants EP 1983 Power Metal "Chainsaw" woman Cover, also on "Bottle"-Shape
Azra Jag Panzer Licence to Kill LP 1984 Power Metal Testpressing only of "Ample Desturction" LP, no cover, different song-order
IW 1001 Jag Panzer Ample Destruction LP 1984 Cult Power Metal "Skyriders" Cover, also on Pic-LP w/"Tank-Battle" Cover, also on red & clear vinyl (colored vinyls only pressed in quantity of 25 pcs!)
Azra Kerry Doll Till Death do us part LP also on PicLP
RR001 Knightmare II Warlord/Probation Violation 7" 1984 H.M. released on red vinyl
Hur S-1 Knightmare II Razor Love/Metal Massacre 7" 1985 also on Shape
Raucus Knightmare II Death Do us part EP 1985 US Metal same tracks on both sides
MSQ 8704 Knightmare II Fear no Evil Shape "Octagon" Shape on clear vinyl
IW 1020 Knightmare II Guilotine Shape
IW Knightmare II The edge of Knight LP 1986 also out on clear vinyl & PicDisc
MSQ 8806 Knightmare II Heart of Stone/Downton brown Shape 1988 H.M. "Hockey-mask" Shape
A 8404 Kronen Wasted EP 1986 Power/HR also on PD
Azra Lady LIve Show Tigers + Iggy 1981 Hard Rock
WMR 390 Laughing House Super Himalaya Shape
WMR Laughing House Spirit of the Age 7" 1990 square shaped pink vinyl
IW 1029 Lese Majesty Surviving LP 1988 Thrash/Venom-style also on green vinyl
MSQ 8915 Lethyl Backseat Driver Shape 1990 "Octagon" PicDisc
A 15 Leviathan Sandy Jean Shape 198? Raw Hard Rock Heart-Shaped EP (same track on both sides)
IW 1006 Liege Lord Freedom's Rise LP 1985 Power Metal gatefold-LP w/lyrics, "Vikingback" Cover, limited 2.000 copies, also on PicDisc
IW 1013 Liege Lord Demo-trax Pic-LP 1987 Power Metal "Blazon" Cover, alt. demoversions of songs!!! Limited to 150 pcs! These were recorded earlier than their debut-album, when they got cash from Black Dragon they decided to ignore this one! GREAT ITEM!!
IW 1013 Liege Lord Warrior's Farewell Shape 1987 Power Metal 6-edge-shape, no cover, collector's edition
IW 1013 Liege Lord Warrior's Farewell Shape 1987 Power Metal 8-edge-shape, no cover, collector's edition
IW 1013 Liege Lord Warrior's Farewell PicLP 1987 Power Metal one sided-picture LP
IW 1013 Liege Lord Warrior's Farewell Shape 1987 Power Metal "Viking" Shape, w/insert, collector's edition
Liege Lord Wielding Iron Fists 7" also out on Shaped 7" with 6 and 8 corners
Liege Lord Medusa 7" also out on lim. PicDisc
A 4086 Lixx Array Same EP 1987 US Metal
IW 1031 Luv Hunter Same LP 1990 MS/AOR also out on colored vinyl
WMC1 Mad Max ??? "Feelgood" Hard Rock 2-song 1-sided Custom Shaped EP (map of the state of Louisiana with "8 of 25" written on it)
IW 1010 Mad Reign Salute the new Flag EP 1986 Power/MS also out on colored vinyl
A 31 Mars Metaldrone EP 1987 US Metal
IW 1030 Mersinary Dead is Dead Shape 1987 Power Metal 4 tracks, "Metal Fatigue" shape
A-27-A Mersinary Choose Death Shape 1987 Power Metal White/black cover, w/insert
A-27-B Mersinary Choose Death Shape 1987 Power Metal Black/white cover, w/insert
Mersinary Dead is Dead 7" released as "Square" PicDisc in two different editions for USA and Europe
IW 1027 Mersinary Dead is Dead LP 1988 Power Metal 8 tracks, w/insert
Mersinary/Raw Shock Split 7" "Heart" Shape released in two different colors
No # Metal Storm Can limited to 500 numbered copies incl. DARK ANGEL-We have arrived (green vinyl), DARK ANGEL-We have arrived (shaped PicDisc), DISSENSION-We the fooled (PicDisc), OVERKILL-Same & booklet
A 19 Mighty Wrath Lady in white/He died alone 7" only on "Shield" shaped PicDisc
WMR Morder (US) Rock Warriors 7" 1987 Octagon shape
MSQ 8702 Mortis Is nothing Sacred EP 1984 also on blue & green vinyl (Azra #4-34), both sides have same tracks
IW 1012 Ninja Forgotten Shadows 1987 US Metal
IW 1015 Ninja Eye on You Shape Square Shape
A 112 No-Y-Z Sheer Electronic Din PicLP PicLP only?
MS 2851 Overkill Same EP 1985 Power/Speed pressed in 3500 copies + 500 copies in MetalStorm Can (without cover)
IW 1057 Painful Pleasure Painful Pleasure MCD
Azra Perfect Stranger Same PicLP PicLP only?
IW 1034 Persia First Strike MLP
MSQ 8911 Private Party Nightwalker Shape
MSQ Prophetes, The Embrace my love 7" 1992 Square Shape
S-11185 / S-11186 Queen Bitch Queen Bitch MLP also on PicDisc
WMR 290 Raving Mad Lethal Greed Shape ? Euro Power Swedish Band
WMR 190 Raw Shock Blow Out Shape good technical power/thrash

4 tracks, different shape versions known:
Square-Shaped EP on half-black/half-white vinyl, (has blank Iron Works label on side B)
2) Square-Shaped Picture EP (weird painting of some statue on pic-side)
3) Octagon-Shape Picture EP (b/w monster doctor on pic side)

A 37 Repression Invasion LP
MS 8891 Resistant Militia Living by Law EP 1989 Thrash/Core also on PD, also on red vinyl (Iron Works '89)
IW 1007 Ripper ...and the dead shall Rise LP 1985 US Metal also on gold vinyl (lim. ed. 100 copies!) and on Pic-LP, ??said to be out on red vinyl also??
IW 1003 Romeo Feelin to Rock EP also (only?) on Pic-EP
IW 1004 Ruthless Metal without Mercy MLP 1984 Power Metal "Dark Monk" Cover
A 38 Rychus Syn Same Pic-EP 1989 US Metal
TE 2001 Sabotage Behind enemy Lines LP 1986 Melodic Speed also on green vinyl
TE 2002 Sabotage Heroes from the grave/Warmachine Shape 1987 Melodic Speed "Gravestone" Shape, also on "Small Octagon-Shape" in green-tinted transparent vinyl and on "Wobbly-curvey-shapeless-puddle-?-shape" (label says "Condor Classix (c)(p) 1987 - Test pressing not for sale". Comes in brown stamped neutral paper sleave)
Azra Sabotage Welcome EP 1988 Melodic Speed
MSQ 8703 Sabre Hidden Visions EP 1987 also (only?) on Pic-EP
DTR - 042 Sampler Christmas Greetings Shape Released as "Square" Shape and "X-mas Tree" Shape. w/BLACK ICE, ANACONDA, ARMED FORCE, DEVASTATION RUN, FOX HOLLAND, AMPAGE & HANS NAUGHTY
Azra 004 Sampler Hollywood Sign PIC-EP 1980 Promo-only Sampler, 500 copies pressed. w/Centaurus and others
WMR 001 Sampler Iron Tyrants I LP 1984 US Metal also on Pic-LP, w/Enforcer, Deathslayer, Teeze, Boss Tweed, Possession, Blackstar, Mesomorth, Tearzer, Nasty Savage, Tyton
WMR 002 Sampler Iron Tyrants II LP 1986 Power and a couple HR w/Tempus Fugit(very Steel Assassinish w/ vocals like Donny!),Fastuca(great majestic power),Adonis,Aftermath,Alias,Sabotage(IT.not Oregon),Axist,+ 2
WMR 003 Sampler Iron Tyrants III LP 1988 Euro Metal "European Blitz", also on Pic-LP, incl. MORDOR 8-edge-shape "Rock Warrior" w/Cardinal Sin, Repression, Not Fragile, Blowin Free, Sudden Death, Splinter, Mass, Damien
A 30 Sampler Metalgon Shape 8" or 9"? w/AXEMASTER, MARS, CODA, TRIAX & LEGEND
IW 1011 Sexx Live Sexx EP 1987 MS 3 tracks, PD only
SH Fin Sharks Alter Ego LP also on PicLP in lim. pressing 500 copies
MSQ 8910 Shattered Image Eye to Eye Shape 3 tracks w/Eye to Eye, Take my heart, Give all your love
Az 1129 Sin On the Run/Captured in Time 7" released as shaped pic disc in two different colors; also released as "Snake" Shape, "Star" Shape, "Square" Shape and "Heart" Shape
WW 429 Sinbad, David La Duke's Same LP 1985
IW 1043 Sleepy Hollow Same CD 1991 US Metal vocals: Bob Mitchell (ex-"Attacker")
Azra Special Forces Tools of the Trade EP 1982 HR/Power 4 tracks, also on white vinyl and as Promo-PicDisc (limited 50 copies)
A 32 Speed Nightmares Shape "Square" Shape
Azra Spyder No reason for war/Money Pic-7" 1985 2 tracks
Azra Stepmother Same 4 song EP 1989 also on Pic-EP/have grey marbled
A 28 Stiletto Blame it on youth LP 1987 HR/Pop some include about 30 page bio./info. and glossy picture.
IW 1005 Stormtrooper Armies of the Night MLP 1985 Power Metal Also on Pic-LP
IW 1056 Subjugator Live MCD
D.I.N.01 Subjugator Unity Fields 7" 1992

Exists on black vinyl square shape,green vinyl shape,and purple vinyl octagon shape. + white label test press without label!

IW Subjugator Sick day of the Bastard CD
IW 1008 Terrattack Same EP 1986 Power Metal also (only?) on Pic-EP
IW Terrattack I believe EP 1988 Power Metal PD only
IW 1055 Toe Suck Overdose of Attitude Shaped PicDisc Split with SUBJUGATOR (their side is D.I.N.01)
Ty 101 Tyton Castle Donnington PicLP PicDisc limited to 1.000 copies
DTR 64 Vixen Made in Hawaii MLP 1983 US Metal (ex-Aloha, pre-Hawaii), also on blue vinyl and 1-sided PD (white)! MEGARARE! With Marty Friedman
SD-063 Zak Daniels Ground Zero 1983 Hard Rock 6 tracks, Side A as Picture LP, with cover and lyrics

*Many thanks go out to MIKE GOULD and MARCO PLUMHOFF or tons of useful information. Cheers brother!