NEW RENAISSANCE RECORDS, to me that is standing for magical US Metal in all it's brightness! We have to thank "New Renaissance" for many great Thrash- and Power Metal releases, but I also have to critizise the label: The soundquality on many releases is not really good, but much more worse is the fact that many fantastic bands (look below) only released one record and then split up. I am not sure how much NRR is responsilbe for that case, but it can not be overlook and I think it is not accidental. Maybe NRR did not promote/help the bands enough after releasing their record, who knows? Many bands were disillusioned after their NRR release and quit.
But however, many great records remain and after all I must say that NRR is surely one of my favorite labels ever! Not only because many records had great covers, lyrics were mostly included and they never cared much about mainstream crap...

NRR1 Sampler Metal Madness LP 1985 Power 1st pressing is on red vinyl. Assassin(ca.) and Prophet(ca.) are excellent! Shok Paris track is exclusive to this. Other bands: Knightmare II, Max, Hellion, Vice, Scarlet Angel, High Risk, Sixty-Nine
??? Sampler California's Best Metal LP 1985 Speed/Power/Glam I would like to metion that the cassette version of "California's Best Metal" has three bonus tracks that were not on the LP version. These are by the groups Wulffangel, Audio, and Wizard. Why these tracks are not on the LP, one can only wonder at, since they sound superior to many of the tracks that were included on the LP. - (Luke Mulder)
??? Sampler Satan's Revenge LP 1985 Power/Speed
??? Sampler Speed Metal Hell Vol. 1 LP 1985 Power/Speed/Thrash
??? Sampler Speed Metal Hell Vol. 2 LP 1986 Speed/Thrash/Power
NRR9 At War Ordered to Kill LP 1986 Speed also on CD, also on Clear Vinyl
NRR10 Indestroy Indestroy LP 1986 Speed/Thrash
NRR11 Post Mortem Coroner's Office 1986 Thrash also on red vinyl!
NRR13 Anvil Bitch Rise to offend LP 1986 Speed/Thrash also on clear vinyl!
NRR14 Phantom Phantom LP 1986 Power Metal
NRR15 Necrophagia Season of the Dead LP 1986 Thrash/Death also on CD
NRR16 Blood Feast Kill for Pleasure LP 1987 Thrash also on blue & clear vinyl!
NRR17 Savage Steel Begins with a Nightmare LP 1987 Power Metal also on blue vinyl!
NRR19 Post Mortem The missing Link EP 1987 Thrash
NRR20 Medieval Medieval MLP 1986 Speed/Thrash
NRR21 VVSI No Ace at Hand LP 1986 Glam
NRR22 Hellion Screams in the night LP 1987 Heavy Metal also on CD
NRR23 Wehrmacht Shark Attack LP 1987 Speed/HC also on PD and on blue vinyl
NRR24 Executioner Break the Silence LP 1987 Speed/Thrash

LP had a working title of "Alive and Killing". 3rd LP "In cold Blood" was recorded in '88 but never released !

NRR25 Dream Death Journey into Mystery LP 1987 Doom/Thrash also on CD
NRR27 Sampler Thrash Metal Attack! LP 1986 Thrash/Speed
NRR28 Hellion Same MLP 1987 Heavy Metal
NRR29 Sampler Speed Metal Hell III 1987 Speed/Thrash/Power Metal Onslaught, Outrage(Jap.), Dream Death, Papsmear, etc...
NRR30 Genöcide Submit to Genöcide LP 1987 Power/Thrash/Punk
NRR32 Kublai Khan Annihilation LP 1987 Speed/Thrash also on CD
NRR33 Bathory Under the sign... LP 1987 Black also on CD
NRR34 Medieval Medieval Kills! LP 1987 Speed/Thrash
NRR35 Blood Feast Face Fate EP 1988 Thrash also as PicLP
NRR36 Hellion Postcards from the asylm EP 1988 Heavy Metal
NRR37 Deadly Blessing Ascend from the cauldron LP 1988 Power/Speed also on CD
NRR38 Gargoyle Limited Edition EP 1988 Melodic Power
NRR39 Deadly Blessing Limited Edition EP 1988 Power/Speed
NRR40 Gargoyle Gargoyle LP 1988 Melodic Power also on CD
NRR41 At War Retalitory Strike LP 1988 Speed also on CD
NRR45 Sampler Thrash Metal Attack II LP 1988 Thrash/Power/Speed w/Battalion, Severe Warning, Gammacide, Darkness,etc...
NRR Wehrmacht Biermacht LP 1988 Speed/HC
NRR47 Iron Christ Iron Christ EP 1988 Thrash/Hardcore
NRR48 Sampler Satans Revenge II LP 1988 Thrash/Death/Power Ripping Corpse,The Unsane,Severe Warning,etc...
NRR49 Holocross Holocross LP 1988 Thrash
NRR51 The Unsane Inverted Crosses MLP 1988 Speed/Thrash also on PD lim. ed. 1.100 copies, 3 copies misspressed!
NRR52 Screamer Target: Earth LP 1988 Prog Power also on CD
NRR Oliver Magnum Oliver Magnum LP 1989 Power Metal CD-Version on RESTLESS
NRR Killjoy Compelled by Fear LP 198?   "Necrophagia" vocalist
NRR Amulance Feel the Pain LP 1989 Melodic Speed also on CD
NRR55 Intense Mutilation Blowin in the Wind/Stagediver 7" 198? Thrash/Core Promo-only 7" lim. ed. 500 pcs., no cover but fold-out lyrics-sheet
NRR55 Intense Mutilation Safe Sex! LP 198? -Shit as I heard-
NRR59 Prowler Prowling Death Squad MLP 1988 Power Metal
NRR The Unsane Same LP 1989 Speed/Thrash
NRR Bloodfeast Chopping Block Blues LP 1990 Thrash vinyl only, working title was "The last Remains"
NRR60 Terrasphere Third in order of the Sun CD 1991 Speed Metal
NRR61 Pretty Vacant ...and we don't care LP 1991 Heavy Rock also on CD
NRR66 Dead Orchestra Global Lobotomy CD 1991 Thrash
NRR Necrophagia Bootleg CD  
NRR Illwill CD    
NRR Denial CD    
NRR Pretty Vacant Same CD    
NRR Rock City Angels Same CD   (Johnny Depp's former band)
NRR Gutrix CD    
NRR101 Hellion Witching Hour MCD 1999 Heavy Metal 4 prev unrlsd mid '80's songs
NRR Hellion The Uh Oh Album CD    
NRR103 Hellion Alive and well in hell CD 1999 Heavy Metal limited to 1.100 copies!
NRR104 Hellion Up from the depths CD 1999 Heavy Metal
NRR105 At War Ordered To Kill CD 1999 Speed Reissue, first 1.100 CDs #d
NRR108 Deadly Blessing Limited Edition EP CD 1999 Power/Speed Reissue, numbered and limited
NRR Hellion The Uh Oh Album CD 2000 Heavy Metal limited to 500 copies press of "Alive and well"
NRR130 Wehrmacht Biermacht CD 2000 Speed/HC Reissue, numbered and limited
??? Avalanche Pray for the Sinner LP 198?   cassette
90501 Vyper Prepared to Strike MLP      
90515 Sacred Rite The Ritual LP      
90516 Sampler Speed Metal Hell I LP   Speed/Thrash cassette version w/3 extra tracks
90523 Battle Cry Red white and Blue LP      
90527 Divine Rite First Rite LP      
90536 Sampler Satans Revenge LP   Thrash w/Desecration,N.M.E.,Artillery, etc.
90538 Executioner In the Name of Metal LP 1986 Thrash w/lyrics, cassette-verion with 2 exclusive unrel. tracks ! ("Battlelands" and "Final Destruction")
90542 Cerebus Too late to pray LP 1986 Power w/lyrics, exists german pressing (Shark) with 1 extra-trk

*Most NRR releases are available on cassette, too. Didn't mention it serperatly because tapes are not very interesting for collectors. At least I don't like 'em personally, reason enough ;o)

**Many thanks go out to MIKE GOULD and NICLAS JOHANSSON for tons of useful information. Cheers!!