OPM Records: The OPM Record-label was founded in 1997 by John Haupt and Jim Cranford with the aim of releasing previously unavailable real metal recordings from the 80ies in limited and handnumberd quantities of 750 pcs. or less for collectors and 80ies metal manicas. First 100 copies usually in colored vinyl!
90% of all previous releases are really great and for all collectors of true metal highly recommended! They all sold out very quickly and the prices of the first OPM-releases are increasing so best you get your copies asap as long as you have the chance!
Only little thing I personally don't like is that OPM failed to put a lyricsheet to their releases until now, but as John told me the future releases will have one included so there is really nothing more to contest.
Great metal awaits!!!

1000 Deuce Deuce LP 1997 Early US Metal 500 copies (sold out) | recordings from 1978 - 80 | w/Tom Gattis, Marty Friedman
1001 MX MX LP 1998 Power Metal 500 copies (sold out) | gatefold-cover
1002 Roc Lochner Roc Lochner LP 1998 US Metal (guitar orientated) 500 copies (sold out) | unrel. LP 1987 - 89
001 Iron Head Second to None 7" 1998 Early US Metal / NwobHM edge 500 copies | pre-"Breaker" (Can) / "Lawsuite"
1003 Armed Forces Armed Forces LP 1999 Power Metal 500 copies (sold out) | w/Michael Henry (Eden, August Redmoon)
1004 Commandment Engraved in Stone LP 1999 Power Metal (vocals like Agent Steel!) 500 copies (sold out) | gatefold-cover | unrel. LP from 1987
1005 Iron Cross Iron Cross 2LP-Set 2000 US Metal 666 copies | gatefold-cover
1006 Apollo Ra Ra Pariah LP 2000 Power Metal 500 copies | unrel. LP from 1989
1007 Dervish Some Monsterism LP 2001 NwobHM 750 copies | recordings from 1980 - 82


Demonax 2001 Power Metal 500 copies | lyrics (!) | with Frank Aresti on guitar!!

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Homepage: http://www.opmrecords.com
John Haupt: Opmrecordsjh@aol.com