First let me say that I never heard a note from S.A. ADAMS. Therefore I can not tell you my opinion about his music. But depending on his statements below I guess I missed a lot! Or how many people do you know that listened to Heavy Music with an age of three?? Ha, just what I thought. So lean back now and let Mr. Adams entertain you with METAL FROM THE DUNGEON:

1) Which year you got infected with the METAL-virus and what was the release?
S.A.A.: Hey, Roman. It started around 1967 when I was only 3 years old. I heard a song called "Mississippi Queen" from Mountain on the radio and, with from that day on, the only rock music I could listen to had to be heavy. I guess it wasn't called Metal back then, but that song is still heavy as fuck.

2) With what age did you start singing/playing an instrument and what was the reason to do so?
S.A.A.: I began playing classical piano at 5, and at age 9 got my first guitar and said "goodbye" to playing keyboards. Began singing at 18(!) because everyone else in the band at the time sang worse than me. I can't explain why I gravitated to the guitar--it just called me and I followed my boy-ish impulses. Never once regretted it either.

S.A.Adams - Bandpic1

3) What are your five alltime-favorite records?
S.A.A.: The only reason why I hate this kind of question is there are so many favorite records I have and when I answer there's some insane S.A. Adams "Soldiers Of Metal" who are going to email me and say "In this interview, these 5 were your favorites, but in another interview you don't mention Exciter and instead mention Accept!!!" But FOR NOW, here's five of my 100 alltime favorite records. I could be a lot fairer if you wanted 50
1) Motorhead: No Sleep Til Hammersmith (New version with all that cool bonus stuff)
2) Judas Priest: Unleashed In The East (Japanese pressing w/ 4 bonus tracks)
3) Manowar: Live Hell (Hell On Stage/Hell On Earth)
4) Exciter: Better Live Than Dead
5) Raven: Architect Of Fear
Hey, Roman, would you look at that: 4 outta five are live albums. Hmmm...see a pattern here? Gotta mention these killer albums too:
1) Accept: Restless & Wild
2) Exciter: Kill After Kill, Violence & Force, Heavy Metal Maniac
3) Raven: One For All (1999), Destroy All Monsters (1995), Everything Louder (1996), Nothing Exceeds...-Remastered by ME!
4) Manowar: Every Album all the time!!!
5) U.D.O.: Animal House
6) Anvil: Plugged In Permanently, Live
7) Britny Spears: Opps, I'm Assfucked Again
8) Saxon: The Eagle Has Landed (Live), Strong Arm Of The Law, Wheels Of Steel
9) GBH-All City Baby Albums, Leather-Bristles, etc...
10) Exploited: Troops Of Tommorow, Beat The Bastards (A Must Have CD too!)
11) Ted Nugent: Double Live Gonzo, Hammersmith '79
12) Samson--Live At Reading
13) Iron Maiden: Iron Maiden, Killers, A Real Dead One, Manchester 1982 (Bootleg, Live +1, and all live b-Sides from Dianno Years.
14) Judas Priest: British Steel, Sin After Sin
15) The Amebix: Monolith
16) Non-Fiction: All 3 albums.
I would also recommend these bands too: Paradox, Rawhead Rexx, The Awakening...O.k., onto the next question

4) Tell us the three last records/CDs you bought, that really thrilled you!
1) Metal For Muthas (Original Vinyl) because I had been searching for that record for 8 years. Original demo versions of Running Free and Sanctuary by Iron Maiden!
2) Exciter: Kill After Kill. Actually it was given to me and one of the best gifts I ever got
3) Motorhead: 5 Disc Box set from Roadrunner.

5) Please give us a discography of all bands you played with and all releases and about how many copies each title were sold!
Inner Sanctum: 12AM (1986)
The Fury: Reflections of the Wasted Youth-Demo (1989)
Live 1990-Demo
A Dozen Thorns-7" EP/Poster Pack (1991) (Only 150 left, only $5!) Sex-Album
S.A. Adams: (Albums Only)
Exiled On Green St (1993)
Redemption (1995)
Pure Power-Compilation CD (1996)
Signs Of A Time (1998)
Metal Injection-Compilation CD (1999)
Stovepipe (2001/2002 German Release on Hardware Records)
and about how many copies each title were sold! 1,000,000,000 of each title were sold! ha, ha, I wish. I don't know much about the Inner Sanctum or The Fury stuff, but I know my official albums top out at roughly 7000-8000 each. Except Stovepipe which was just released. Get in touch around next year and I'll give you some numbers. As long as I don't lose money, I guess the label will keep me.

S.A Adams - STOVEPIPE 2001 CD

6) Looking back: Which of your releases do you like the most and why?
S.A.A.: That's kind of obvious: Stovepipe. Best album I've done so far, with the best songs, great production and best mastering. Very happy with the way that album turned out.

7) And which the least/why?
S.A.A.: Signs Of A Time: Basically because I feel the album was rushed out without the benefit of a solid mastering job. Once the album gets re-mastered, it will sound the way it should have.

8) Did your band (any of your bans) record songs that have never been released? Please give us the song-titles and a short description!
S.A.A.: Actually Roman, I have full albums that have never been released. I have over 500 songs that I've demoed but I don't feel they're strong enough to release yet. There are so many songs here, that I'll eat up tons of bandwidth talking about 'em. But the unreleased albums so far are: The Fury: Live At Sundance (1990) The Fury: S.A.'s Birthday Bash (1991) The Fury: In Gasper's Basement (1993) S.A. Adams: Live At The Shack: (1994) S.A. Adams: The Q-Zar Tapes: (1998)

9) What was the highlight of your carreer?
There's been so many good times and highlights: Opening for Manowar twice in one year (1989), Other opening slots: Overkill, Metalchurch, Raven, Anvil, Non Fiction, Blitzspeer, etc... Going to Germany for the first time and every other time. Watching an inebriated Jagger taking an umbrella out of a Coca-Cola stand and covering a bunch of us as the rain came down at the end of Bang Your Head 1999. I guess I would have to say THE highlight was the acceptance and hospitality of the all the people I keep meeting everytime I've come to Germany. And also having the chance to meet true metal fans like yourself (Props here to Steel Commander, Bart Gabriel and Ralf Hartmann!) who have been my inspiration to continue playing the hardest metal I can.

10) Tell us a funny story around your band from the past!
1986: Playing "Danceteria" with Inner Sanctum (Mike Portnoy on Drums too!), I get sick after being with this girl downstairs, I puke on stage as the curtain goes up, crowd goes wild, and as I start sliding on the puke, it curls over the stage and goes into the crowd. Crowd gets even crazier. Got paid $300 for 20 minutes. Never made that good amount of cash ever again.

11) Are you a metal-collector? If yes:
S.A.A.: Of course. I would like to have a little more gold, though.

11.1) How big is your collection (LPs, CDs, Demos)?
S.A.A.: Most of my collection are live concert tapes, my early rehearsals, etc.. and they run over 2400 pieces

11.2) What are your ten most valuable records from a collectors view?
S.A.A.: I can't put a money value on my recordings, because most of them are one-of-a-kind stuff that NO ONE ELSE HAS, with the exception of the artist I recorded. Like these 10:
Dream Theater: 5/26-27/92: I recorded them in the studio I worked on prior to their "Images And Words" pre-release gig opening for Iron Maiden. It went through a 54 Input Tac Scorpion console onto 48khz Dat. Only me and Mike Portnoy have the tapes. A live testament to the greatness of this band

Manowar: Various 1988/1989. Venue: Limelight, Sundance, Cat Club. I promised Joey Demaio that only he would get a copy of these shows he was so gracious to let me tape. And it's stayed that way. Sorry guys.
Propain: Demo 1989. Before they were Propain, they were called Rawhead and had Billy Milano from SOD singing for 'em. I did their demo, and it rocked.
Heaven: Various Live 1989. Same case as Manowar. I lost touch with Alan Fryer, and if anyone knows where he it, it would be cool to get me in touch with him.
The Rods: Calderone, 1982. Recorded by fellow metaller Bob "Kick Ass" Muldowney, it sound better than the "offical live" album they released in the same year.
Motorhead: Live At Sundance, 3/5-6/88. This one I totally bootlegged by sneaking into a crawlspace at the club. Unbelieveable great sound considering it's an audience recording. The 3/5 recording was their soundcheck.
Type-o-Negative/Life Of Agony/Non-Fiction 3/26/93 (The Roxy Music Hall) I recorded this with my four track taking a feed out of the mixing board and mixing it with two audience mics. The tapes sound like they're a radio concert. Life of Agony doesn't even have their tape.
Coroner: Live At Sundance. I recorded this from the board with audience mics as well. Great sounding recording that the band doesn't even have.
Stone: Live at Studioworks. I recorded this at the studio I worked at using only two mics. They were kinda big for 2 months and dissapeared.
Led Zeppelin/Jimi Hendrix--Live at the Filmore East. I got this tape which sounds like it's from a movie reel. Zeppelin opens up with Train Kept A Rolling. Never saw this one on any tape trading list yet.

Bruce and S.A. Adams

11.3) Vinyl or CD: what do you prefer and why?
S.A.A.: I perfer vinyl, because the sound is "hotter", but it's a fiancial indulgence I haven't been able to afford.

12) What indescribable great question have you never been asked yet? And what would your answer have been?
S.A.A.: The question: Why? My answer: Why Not?

13) What is the current status of the band and what is planned next?
S.A.A.: The status of the band is towards the holidays, we're going to do a short local tour. I'm already booked at this year's Bang Your Head (If you get tickets, tell 'em S.A. Adams sent ya!), but I'm also trying to get over there for a quick tour in February to support the Stovepipe CD. During the spring, I plan on recording 2-3 CD's worth of music so I can exit the studio for the next 6-8 years, and concentrate on playing out 365 days per year!

Any last words?:
S.A.A.: Just to say thanks for your time, Roman, and all the best to you, bro.

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