"From mid-1988 until early 1991, New Renaissance signed no new metal or thrash acts. Label President, Ann Boleyn, stated that she did not believe that the new bands she saw during that period possessed either the artistic integrity or sincerity to warrant a national release. However in late 1990 a new band called TERRASPHERE caught Ann's attention. Based on the strength of their demo, NRR sent the band back into the studio to record more. The final result of the sessions prompted NRR to offer the band a full international contract. As initial plans were laid, TERRASPHERE's demo climbed the readers charts in publications such as METAL FORCES. When the band could no longer keep up with the demand for this original demo, NRR decided to release these original sessions officially. During the past years NRR has taken pride in introducing bands like Sepultura, Necrophagia, Bathory, At War, and others to the US Thrash audience. We have no doubt that in the coming years TERRASPHERE will be at the top of Americas Thrash Elite" (written by NRR-Promotions - taken from the back-cover of the LP-verion)
Okay, we all know it came in a different way. But who cares, the masses always were deaf to good music. Here's the truth about TERRASPHERE: Forgotten Sons of crazy and lyrical very interesting US Hyper Speed Metal!! I always loved their one (and sadly) only record a lot, so it was a great pleasure when Dave Hartnett (bass) stumbled over us and we got in contact. Here's what he had to tell about the bands past, enjoy!

1) Which year you got infected with the METAL-virus and what was the release?
DAVE HARTNETT: Of course I grew up on Kiss as a kid, but around 1979 I got Judas Priest - Hell Bent for Leather.... I never looked back since....

2) With what age did you start singing/playing an instrument and what was the reason to do so?
DAVE: I always loved music as a kid, I got an Electric Organ when I was 8, and learned all the songs in the book that came with it. Around 1982, I was 16, a friend gave me an old Bass that I used to pluck around with for a few years.. But it wasn't until 1985 when another friend of mine wanted to start a band, then I got serious. His name is Keith Cuscia, and he still plays alot today, with a band called Purge Di..... http://www.purgedi.com/ I recently switched to Guitar and Vocals because my brother-inlaw, Mr. Thomas R. Kendra plays bass, and one of us had to change if we wanted to be in a band together.

3) What are your five alltime-favorite records?
Molly Hatchet - First Album
Molly Hatchet - Flirtin' with Disaster
Iron Maiden - Killers
Rory Gallagher - Top Priority
UFO - Force It

4) Tell us the three last records/CDs you bought, that really thrilled you!
UFO - Covenant / Molly Hatchet - Kingdom of XII / Motorhead - We Are Motorhead

5) Please give us a discography of all bands you played with and all releases and about how many copies each title were sold!
DAVE: The only release was from Terrahsphere, Third in Order of the Sun.Our one shot at fame and we broke up. I really don't know the numbers sold, we were never told by New Rennaissance, and we never got a dime??

6) Looking back: Which of your releases do you like the most and why?
DAVE: It is Third in Order, because it was our only release, and it was a fun time in our lives.

7) And which the least/why?

8) Did your band (any of your bans) record songs that have never been released? Please give us the song-titles and a short description!
DAVE: That was our biggest mistake, we had another 15 or so songs we never recorded or released. They were more advanced and listenable than what we had on Third in Order.... One that remains in my Memory was called: Death Headed Sphinx.... May have been a Metal Classic if we did things right.

9) What was the highlight of your carreer?
Opening for bands like Nuclear Assault. The year our CD came out, we were playing with some really good bands. I remember Dan Lilker from Nuclear asking me how I played Bass like that, I guess it was a compliment???


10) Tell us a funny story around your band from the past!
DAVE: Too many to remember.... One was the night Ann Boleyn from Hellion/New Rennaissance drove out from California to New Hampshire to see us play, after all, we were under contract with her. It was a Hot August night, and I was sick as a dog. I went out to the parking lot, and layed down in the back of my pickup truck, where I fell asleep. Well, it was time to setup and I was nowhere in sight. My wife ended up finding me in the back of the truck after everyone was looking for me. I made it in time and we put on a good show, even though I felt like crap.

11) Are you a metal-collector? If yes:
DAVE: Somewhat....

11.1) How big is your collection (LPs, CDs, Demos)?
DAVE: I have around 300 LP's, 300 CD's, a couple hundred cassettes, etc...

11.2) What are your ten most valuable records from a collectors view?
DAVE: Probably all the old original Beatles albums from my Mother, she got them when they came out and I still have the originals in good shape.

11.3) Vinyl or CD: what do you prefer and why?
DAVE: CD... Just because they are alot cleaner to listen to and last a lot longer.

12) What indescribable great question have you never been asked yet? And what would your answer have been?
DAVE: We used to be asked for autographs after shows, but I was never asked to sign some chicks big bags.... I would have have to say yes to that question..

13) What is the current status of the band and what is planned next?
DAVE: Terrahsphere has been disbanded since around 1991 or 1992. Glen (Drums) and I started a band called Wicked Peace which included Keith Cuscia from Purge Di. We were together for like 5 years, and only recorded a 4 song demo, even though we had around 40 songs. Another huge mistake, we dont have anything to show for it on tape.. Gone forever. (Except the Demo)... Glen and Kevin Kelly (Guitar) are now playing in a Cover/Original band called: BuckSperm, and I go over once in a while and sit in and Jam with them.. I consider them great friends for life. My cover/original band is called: One Fine Mess, and I now play Guitar and sing lead vocals, quite a change from the Terrah days. We just want to be a popular local band, so I can still enjoy playing my music, and still be here for my family. http://www.dmh-net.com/ofm/index.html

Any last words?:
I just want to thank you for showing an interest in our band from the past, it was a great ride, and I'll always have the memories. I also want to thank former members Glen Gillespie, Kevin Kelly, and Frank Sarcia...

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