JUDGEMENT: "Rapist Hits"
Private 1992

Krisu von Pfaler - vocals
Topi von Löppönen - guitar
guestmusicians - bass & drums

Fields of Gore
Disciples of a Lie

Recorded in the cold icy december of 1992 in Finland at TTT-Studios a great demo came to life! JUDGEMENT played true Power Metal on a high level. A sheet with lyrics was included, the sound is crystal clear. What makes JUDGEMENT better than "just" a good Power Metal band is the cult Melodic Speed Metal onslaught called >Fields of Gore<! This track is fantastic, sounding more like US than european Metal. Just three verses, great vocal-lines and that is all what it takes to create an alltime-classic track!
JUDGEMENT is another band that never put out a record. If they had more songs as >Fields of Gore< it is a great injustice if we see what uninspired shit is released and praised as the new metal sensation... don't believe!